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A personalised, interactive one-stop learning platform

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Key Features of QualiFly Platform

QualiFly uses an adaptive learning algorithm to personalise the most suitable exercises for each student with instant feedback and detailed explanation. Our one-stop platform analyses which areas students are weak at and provides revision materials with optimal difficulty levels, and even predicts questions that each student may find difficult with AI technology.

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Adaptive Learning Platform with Instant Feedback

Our platform generates detailed reports for each user, allowing students and their parents to see their performance trends, mastery level in each subtopic, and overall performance relative to other users. We also recommend learning videos for students who fail to grasp particular concepts, employing the well-known "flipped classroom" learning method to boost learning effectiveness.

Instant Learning Reports with Analysis

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Reading Adventure with Vocabulary Book

We aim to provide intrinsic motivation to students to read through providing them with fun and interactive reading materials that interest them.

One of the pain points of reading is checking the dictionary when coming across some words the readers do not know. It is troublesome, and students often forget the meaning of the word right after checking it. We have interactive passages with pronunciation, and an instant dictionary of vocabulary with pictures and animations. Students can instantly save their vocabulary and review them in the vocabulary book.

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Real-time ChatGPT-based Speaking Practice

At school, students seldom have the opportunity to practise conversational English. Our live chatbot provides instant speech recognition with pronunciation accuracy analysis, grammar correction and many student-friendly fun modes like oral exam mode, story co-creation, role-playing, riddle games and more!

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