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Partner with us to make a change in the new generation's education.


We provide customized learning solutions to assist your school in enhancing teaching quality. The learning progress of students within the same class can be very different and using AI, our platform can create an individualized learning plan for each student.  Contact us to know more.

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NGOs/ Social Enterprises

Besides improving the way students learn, QualiFly makes an effort in supporting underprivileged children's academics and growth, striving to achieve "Education For All".


We provide discounted memberships and even free revision resources to the needy through NGOs and Social Enterprises. Contact us for more details.

Tutorial Business

We all know attending tutorial classes is a big thing in Asia, and we are ready to accommodate their needs.


We provide customized digital solutions including our Q-Classroom system, personalized homework system and more for tutorial businesses to upgrade your tutoring service to the next level.


Our Partners

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Kei Faat Primary School


The SKH Holy Carpenter Church and Community Centre


Zion Social Service Limited

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Academy 22

SEN With You


Leo Clubs

Lions Club

The Driven Mission

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