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We have been actively engaging with different stakeholders to understand their needs. Ranging from participating in Edtech events with educators to launching learning programs with schools, we are constantly learning and providing teachers, students and parents with what they exactly need.


QualiFly x Lions Club:
English For All Online learning scheme 

Our kick-off ceremony at Lions Club Ho Tak Sum Primary School marks the start of a three-month program where students can learn online with QualiFly!


Learning & Teaching Expo 2022

We shared our smart learning platform with parents, teachers, and professionals in the education sector at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

HKSTP InnoCarnival

During HKSTP's annual startup exhibition - InnoCarnival 2022, we shared our innovation in education technology with parents, teachers, investors, and more. 

HKSTP Incubation & Ideation Day

Partnership with SKH Holy Carpenter

 We are proud graduates of HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's IDEATION programme.

Our three-month learning scheme, in collaboration with SKH, was launched in June 2022 to support students from underprivileged families.


SEN For You Workshop

Partnership with Kei Faat Primary School

More than 20 secondary students visited QualiFly, and our team organised a workshop about design thinking.

To reward students who performed well in our online learning scheme, we organised an award ceremony at Kei Faat Primary School.

Partnership with Zion Social Service

We launched our partnership with Zion Social Service in July 2022, and it was great to receive feedback from parents and students.

Wei Lun Primary School AI Writing Workshop

During the AI Writing Workshop at Wei Lun Primary School, we introduced the students to our new Generative-AI feature, "Q-Writer AI". 

Stay tuned to our latest updates.

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