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How Has QualiFly Helped Our Students and Parents in Learning English?


Learn With Wings

QualiFly is a one-stop revision platform that strives to redefine the revision experience of students. Be part of us today and create an impact together.

Our Vision in Education
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Redefining Revision

QualiFly strives to provide unparalleled revision experience to students from primary to secondary school. Through a one-stop revision platform that leverages on Artificial Intelligence, we offer an alternative solution to traditional exercise books/ Mock exams that makes revising more effective, convenient and personalised. We aim to optimise the learning effectiveness of students through outperforming traditional education tools through predictive analytics and proven revision techniques while saving parents’ time and effort in monitoring their learning progress.

Our Vision

We believe education should be personalized, fun and easy. As past students who have gone through the daunting preparation process of public exams, we are dedicated to elevating traditional revision methods to the next level.  We aim to create a one-stop revision platform that helps students revise effectively, efficiently and conveniently.

Why QualiFly?

Your BEST study partner

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Memory Retention

We provide a personalised revision experience by generating exercises according to students' weaknesses, and adopts "spaced repetition" to boost long term memory. No more making the same mistakes again and again!

Adaptive Learning

We provide detailed analytics for parents to understand students’ weaknesses, strengths, learning progress and predicted grades. We then adjust difficulty of exercises according to student's real time performance

Mistakes Prediction

We recommend students suitable exercises based on what others struggle at to allow optimum learning efficiency. By comparing different types of students, we will predict questions that each student may find difficult with collaborative filtering

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