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About Us: Welcome
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QualiFly is a personalized online English learning platform that utilizes AI, gamification, and spaced repetition to optimize learning efficiency and experience. 

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Why learn with QualiFly?

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Adaptive Learning

Get in-depth analytics on student strengths, weaknesses, progress, and predicted grades. We adapt exercise difficulty based on real-time performance.

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Memory Retention

Experience personalised revision tailored to your weaknesses and master "spaced repetition" for long-term memory. Say goodbye to repeated mistakes!

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Mistakes Prediction

Boost learning efficiency with recommended exercises tailored to common struggles, using collaborative filtering to predict and tackle each student's challenging questions.

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How has QualiFly helped our students and parents?
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Our Partners and Supporting Organisations
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Redefining Revision

QualiFly strives to transform the way students learn with our AI-powered revision platform. Say goodbye to boring exercises books and say hello to personalised, effective, and convenient revision.


Our predictive analytics and proven techniques optimize learning while saving parents time and effort in tracking progress.


We strive to optimise students' learning by surpassing traditional tools with predictive analytics and proven techniques, saving parents' time and effort in tracking progress.

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Our Vision
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We aim to use generative AI to create the future AI tutor and teaching asistant, so students can learn and revise effectively and conveniently, and teacher can put time in upgrading their teaching quality.

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